I’ve been a commuting, touring, randonneuring cyclist in various guises since not long after I left school. These days I commute 15km each way by bike at least twice a week, and at least once a month try to complete one of the myriad of rides run by Audax Australia. I’ve done some really silly long rides with Audax in Australia and France.

I’ve been a librarian for nearly as long as I’ve cycled seriously. In fact, when I was starting my library qualification at RMIT, one of my housemates lent me one of his touring bikes to get around on. So the rot started!

These days I work in the Monash University Library, a large, seriously heavy duty, academic library. I’m proud and privileged to work there.

Heading for new pastures, France 2007.

Heading for new pastures, France 2007.

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