My little FF recumbent is now well into the forty thousands of kilometers. Like grandpa’s axe a lot of stuff has worn out and been replaced over time, but the basic configuration has remained the same.

Recently, faced with having to replace the big 67 tooth chainring (Oui, soixante sept!) at about $2 a tooth, I did some thinking.

The big ring is good but brings problems as it requires tricky front derailleur set up and depending on the range of other chainrings, clusters and the rear derailleur tricky chain management is necessary. A quick change to the big ring and big sprocket results in a very big stop, and possibly ugly repairs to der and hangers.

I’ve installed front 53-39-30 rings and a new Greenspeed

GS capreo 9-32 cluster 2 leading and trailing spokes x 32

rear hub, which takes a Capreo cluster.

It rides beautifully and I am loving the range of gears available on the large and granny rings. Before I could only access a couple on each ring.

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