Both our bikes agree kept in good condition, by me, and in the run up to our tour I went through each from stem to stern, bearings, cables, changers, tyres lights were all checked, serviced or replaced as necessary. Both bikes had new chains, that is on chain for Jane’s bike and three for the recumbent. Jane’s bike had me chainrings and a cluster. Mine were OK. We carried Prolink chain lube and cleaned the chains with a rag before applying the Prolink. If I can do this at the end of a day I wipe any excess off the chain the next morning. As we covered some grubby ground I often word the chains down at the end of the day and kept an eye on the hockey wheels to make sure they didn’t get too grungy.

Jane had new brake blocks before the trip and in the Avid 1Ds they seem tho require little adjustment. My recumbent has BB7 disks and if used heavily I find they need adjusting Evey fee hundred km. I don’t know how long I’ve had this set of pads and carried a spare pair, just in case.

We probably had about seven kilos in each of our rear pannier bags and discovered that the rough roads caused welds to fail on both racks.

We both ran Schwalbe Durano tyres and have found them to be a reliable, comfortable choice. We carried folding spare tyres and tubes. We had no punctures in or time away.

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