Friday 12 July.

Up and away to ride to Whitby.  We enjoyed the first half, through lovely little villages where the stone cottages were now more golden stone like the Cotswolds and there were a lot more Georgian style buildings.  Had a hearty lunch at a farm shop/cafe. It was just wonderful. Love listening to all the different accents. 

Great Aryton, Captain Cook’s birthplace was gorgeous, houses with glorious gardens basking in the sun beside a clear, shallow little river. But the day got hotter and the riding got harder. We decided to catch the train to Whitby, from the little village of Commondale.

First, find the station. It was some way out of the village, along a public bridle path and across a field. Seemed strange to have it in such a remote spot. When we got on, there was a jolly group in the carriage, having a picnic and glasses of wine and beer.


On the community train to Whitby

They were interested in the bikes and Peter’s Audax jersey and explained they would be going back and forth on the train all evening because when it stopped at Whitby, a band and a bar would be set up on the train, and there would be a grand sing along for everyone. They were very funny.

We were glad to get off and make our way up the East Cliff to ‘The Town House’ B&B. Why were we on the third floor again? But we had a great views, a good meal and enjoyed it.


Whitby, a tightly beautiful seaside village

Rode 63 kms that day.


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