Kirkstone Pass

Tuesday 9 July.

A rest day and wander around Ambleside day for Jane. Peter set off to ride up the Kirkstone Pass which is our route to Penrith tomorrow. Our host and hostess had warned us it was steep, even the local maps had named the last section ‘The Struggle’. When he returned it was obvious that it would not be a route for us with our bags. Good to have time to work out an alternative route.


Armit Library, Ambleside

So we strolled into our little village again and spent an hour at the Armitt museum and gallery. There was a wonderful Beatrix Potter exhibition of her early life. She was a very talented botanical illustrator and prepared a paper on fungi for presentation to the Linnean Society. She also supported the work of local archaeologists as they excavated an ancient Roman fort here. It was occupied until 370AD. Some artefacts from there were on display. Then, we really enjoyed the upstairs library, lots of lovely oak furniture, old books and an early copy on vellum of a King James bible (17th century). I was amazed at the huge size of it.


Looking down The Struggle - it was!

Hot day by now, last dinner outside at the Glass House, watching the birds, then people on the roof. The English!


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