Monday 1 July. 

Up in good time, a hearty breakfast and then another delay while Peter tried to get the Sim cards working.

Packed and on the bikes finally by 10.30, we had a lovely ride around Stratford, then a tour of Anne Hathaway’s cottage and stunning garden. Impressed by the information which was so beautifully imparted.


Shakespeare was 8 years younger than Anne. By the time he was 20, they had 3 children and although he went to live and work in London, he supported them all.

Time for a quick lunch and we were away. Rode along a canal path for a way, but the path was not good and there were too many distractions (photos of canal boats, people to talk to), we eventually took a longer route to Birmingham. 80 ks that day. (Geographically challenging – P)

It was wonderful to be warmly welcomed by Margaret, fed, bathed and slept soundly.


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